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NIrV, Under the Sea Holy Bible, Hardcover

Format: Hardcover

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

The Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV is a perfect gift for children ages 6 to 10. Following the popular underwater theme, sparkling fish images will delight children as they learn of God’s love and all of creation. The NIrV is written for a third grade reading level and ideal for kids ready to explore the Bible for the first time on their own.

The Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV is a perfect gift for children ages 6 to 10. Themes of underwater fun and sparkling fish grace the interior of this wonderful children’s Bible. The outside is covered in foil and sparkle. The interior has color inserts featuring whimsical underwater scenes with themes of God’s care and love for each of us and all of creation. The NIrV is written for a third grade reading level and ideal for kids ready to explore the Bible for the first time on their own.

UPC 025986754044
ISBN-10 0310754046
ISBN-13 9780310754046
Release Date Mar 1, 2016
Weight (lbs) 1.4250
Height 8.60
Width 15.40
Length 1152
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zonderkidz
Price $24.99
Format Hardcover
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Fitzysmom
Overall Rating
This summer the new movie Finding Dory seems to be on the must see list for most families. With eight grandkids of my own I can assure you it is on our to-do list as well. I'm sure it is going to be a wonderful movie that will take us all into the colorful undersea world. After watching the movie I'm also sure that my grands will be enamored with all things Dory.

To me this is the perfect time to capitalize on their fascination with all the sea creatures by introducing them to the Creator of this underwater world. Zonderkidz has just released a new children's Bible that focuses on sea life. It uses the NIrV translation which is designed for a third grade reading level. The sentences and word structure are simplified without loosing the correct translation. I have come to appreciate this as my grands have become readers. It gives them such a sense of accomplishment to be able to read the Bible on their own.

There are several inserts that have beautiful illustrations and break down specific scripture like "the love chapter" (1 Corinthians 13:1-13), The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), and the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:7-21).

My favorite interactive portion in this children's Bible is titled "Famous Children Of The Bible". The section gives a hint or clue about a particular boy(s) or girl(s) then it gives the Scripture reference where the answer can be found. As a former homeschooling momma this is right up my alley! You could easily make a game out of this that would be a learning opportunity disguised as a fun activity.

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review. (Posted on 6/30/2016)
Review by
Overall Rating
The Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV is a new hardcover Bible from Zondervan/Zonderkidz. The hardcover has a shiny foil background with a few light glitter glue accents.

The Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV is the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) version of the Bible. The NIrV is a simplified version of the NIV, written at approximately a 3rd grade reading level. The NIrV is composed of smaller, easy-to-understand words in shorter sentences than the traditional NIV.

The Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV has all black text (including headings and the words of Christ), laid out in two columns. The text is standard size - not large, but not extra small. There are no study notes or footnotes in the Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV, just strictly Bible text.

At the back of the Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV are two study helps: a 5-page dictionary (words & definitions, but no verse references) and lists compiling 92 "Great Bible Stories" (with verse references). The "Great Bible Stories" lists would be great to use for monthly reading plans.

The "flair" of the Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV comes in with the full-color pages that are placed throughout the Bible. (The pages are a bit thicker than the text pages.) At the beginning of the Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV is an insert containing the presentation page backed with a "Books of the Bible" page. The "Books of the Bible" spread shows all of the books of the Bible, including their category (Law, History, Poetry, Gospels, Letters, etc.).

There are three other full-color (front and back) pages inserted throughout the text in the Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV. Here are the topics covered in the inserts:
- Prayer Is...
- The Lord's Prayer
- Ten Commandments For Kids (Based on Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:7-21)
- Love Passage For Kids (Based on 1 Corinthians 13)
- Famous Children Of The Bible
- The ABCs Of Becoming A Christian

The Under the Sea Holy Bible, NIrV has the basics you need, with a couple extras that will draw in your ocean-loving children.

FTC Declaration: The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy. This does not change the fact that I will give my honest opinion in my reviews. (Posted on 4/6/2016)
Review by Jenny
Overall Rating
While the cover of this Bible is very bright and appealing to children, the supplemental content, or lack thereof, is very disappointing. This basic Bible is being marketed as more than it is. Of course, any Bible that appeals to a child and gets them reading the word of God is a good Bible. However, this Bible only has a few illustrations and a dictionary. Otherwise there is no concordance, maps, or any other supplemental material that you normally find in most Bibles.

I was provided a free copy in exchange for my honest review. (Posted on 4/5/2016)
Review by PennyMindingMom
Overall Rating
Memorizing Bible verses is something that I did as a child, and it’s something that my children are now doing. I remember struggling through the King James Version (KJV) and finally learning them from the New International Version (NIV). I was thrilled to learn about the New International Reader’s Version which is based on the NIV.

“Under The Sea Holy Bible” is ZonderKidz latest edition of the Bible for you younger readers. This Bible contains the complete text from – Genesis to Revelation and is the New International Readers Version. It is geared to children between the ages of 6-10. It has a beautifully illustrated hard cover. The fish and sparkles make it attractive to children.

I am not familiar with the NIrV version of the Bible, but I have grown up with the NIV. The NIrV is based on the NIV Bible and uses that text where it could. When the words in the NIV were to long or difficult to understand they used shorter and more easily understood words which is helpful to younger readers.

The text changes can be seen in John 3:16.
The NIV version reads as:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

The NIrV reads as:

“ God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.
Anyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life.“
John 3:16

None of the meaning of the verse has been lost, but you can see that it is broken down into shorter sentences and easier vocabulary. This makes it easier to understand and remember.

“Under The Sea Holy Bible” has a wonderful hardcover which makes it sturdy to carry around, but I find the pages very thin. You can actually see the text on the reverse side of the page. I do have my concerns about how well the pages would stand up to younger children or for people who like to highlight special passages.

Each chapter is divided into shorter sections with clear titles. They have also done things like removed the word “Selah” from the Psalms as the Hebrew meaning of this word isn’t clear. I am not a Biblical scholar so I can not say how this change affects the meaning of the text. For my children at their ages, the removal of this world helps make the Psalms easier to read and understand. Sometimes the writers of the Bible have used more than one name for the same person or place, the NIrV version uses the most familiar name everywhere it would appear.

The Bible has a few special colour pages that are appealing for younger children. They cover topics like the Books of the Bible, Prayer is…, The Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments for Kids. The Back of the Bible contains a Dictionary and an index of Great Bible Stories.

Since this is a Bible children or new readers I would have like to see a reference at the beginning of each Book of the Bible explaining the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” that I have found in other versions.

“Under The Sea Holy Bible” wouldn’t be my first choice as a Bible for my children as it lacks some of the extra study guides that I have become accustomed to. I would still keep it on my shelf though as it would be my choice of Bible to use in conjunction with our devotionals because of it’s simpler text.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Under The Sea Holy Bible” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own. (Posted on 4/1/2016)
Review by Jaime
Overall Rating
*A copy of this book was provided to me for free for my honest review of the book by FlyByPromotions. You can find a link at the bottom of this page.*

I am so excited to be reviewing this Bible today. I have three littles and there is nothing more important to me than getting the Word of God into their sweet little hands, hearts, and minds.

Under the Sea, Holy Bible is an NIrV Bible from Zonderkidz. A name we all love and trust.

This Bible is lightweight and designed for children ages 6-10. The NIrV, the New International Reader's Version is designed specifically for young readers in mind.

The cover of this book is so inviting for those little eager readers waiting to dive deep into their Bibles. This version has a blue metallic finish with sparkling fish adorning the cover. Absolutely adorable!

I love the language that is used in this Bible. Again, the NIrV means New International Reader's Version designed for young children to understand the language and the stories of the Bible.

In comparing my TNIV, also from Zondervan, to this version what I found was instead of longer more complex sentences, they are broken down into shorter more consumable sentences and language.

Here is an example from Luke 15:8-10 in the Story of the Lost Coin.
"Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Won't she light a lamp and sweep the house? Won't she search carefully until she finds the coin? And when she finds it, she will call her friends and neighbors together. She will say, 'Be Joyful with me. I have found my lost coin.' I tell you, it is the same in heaven. There is joy in heaven over one sinner who turns away from sin."
(Page 956 NIrV Thinline Bible Copyright 2014)
As you can see content and meaning are not lost, it is simply more readable for those young and enthusiastic learners.

This Bible is not packed with a ton of extra features but I find that to be a bonus. It does not add the excess weight and materials that may not useable by this age group. The bonus materials that are included are simplistic and power packed. They welcome young readers to swim along with ocean friends as they explore the Biblical concepts.

My Favorite Bonus Features:
*Colorful Picture with the Books of the Bible
*A simplified five finger prayer guide
*Ten Commandments for Kids
*ABC's of Becoming a Christian
*Dictionary explaining a few key terms
*Reference to 92 Great Bible Stories

I enjoy this Bible and have spent many years teaching young children and would have loved to have a Bible just like this. (Posted on 4/1/2016)
Review by Teresa
Overall Rating
The first thing that catches your eye with this Bible is the cover. It reminds me of Finding Nemo, and the glittery additions to the undersea creatures makes me think of Rainbow Fish. Since both of these are popular with children in the target age group, I think the cover will be a huge hit. The fact that it is a hardcover, and more durable, is also a plus with young readers, who are not always the most dutiful caretakers of books.

The color inserts also contain undersea-related artwork to draw the young readers attention, and then they each share some quality information about God. I especially liked the page which presents the Ten Commandments in language which children can easily understand (although I think that the 9th one, which is written as "You may not tell lies, especially when that lie will hurt someone else," could have stopped at "You may not tell lies.")

If you, like me, are unfamiliar with the NIrV (New International Reader's Version), it is based on the New International Version (NIV), which is currently the most used version of the Bible. The NIrV is for beginning readers, so it has shorter sentences and uses shorter words which are easier to understand. That makes it an excellent Bible for a young child who is anxious to read on their own.

I intend to give this Bible to my 6 yr. old grandson to replace his Preschooler Bible (which he can soon pass on to his younger sister).

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.** (Posted on 3/30/2016)
Review by April
Overall Rating
This Bible is sure to catch your eye! Reminds me of "Finding Nemo! So if you have some fish lovers then this might be the Bible for them.

This bible suggests it is for 6-10 year old's but I think it might be a bit challenging for 6 year old's. It is the NIRV- new International Reader's Version so language is pretty easy to understand.

Through out the book there are surprise pages that are bright and eye catching. (Posted on 3/28/2016)
Review by Penny
Overall Rating
“Under the Sea Holy Bible” was sent to me by Zonderkidz – a division of Zondervan Publishing – in exchange for my honest review of it.
This hardback Bible is New International Reader’s Version. It has a beautiful under the sea picture for is cover that any young child would be drawn to, and a few colorful pages throughout. It seems to be written, however, for an older child or an adult. I like the inserts like, the ABC’s of Becoming a Christian, The Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments. They are colorful and would make a youngster want to read them.
A few others, like Prayer Is…is a fun page that uses the hand to remember people to pray for, and Love Passages for kids makes 1 Corinthians 13, easy for a child to understand. There’s also a dictionary in the back that I like.
I would recommend this Bible to an older child – especially if they are enthralled with the ocean.
(Posted on 3/17/2016)
Review by The IE Mommy
Overall Rating
I really appreciate the NIRV because it incorporates my precious favorite NIV translation of the Bible and makes it even more user friendly.

One of the latest editions for kids from Zonderkidz is the Under the Sea Bible. It has an adorable shiny blue cover featuring sparkly glitter covered sea creatures. It's a hard cover so hopefully their vibrance and glitter lasts.

Sadly the cover was my favorite part and this is the first Bible from Zonderkidz that I was a little disappointed in. It just didn't have any special features and even the ones it did have were pretty limited.

I liked the Books of the Bible page that had them listed on what looks like real books. I thought that was cute and haven't seen that before. It gave me high expectations for the rest of the Bible.

I was disappointed to see that Jesus's words were not written in a different color. I like this for all Bibles but feel it's especially important for children's Bibles. It's such an important distinguisher for them.

There were a few colored pages scattered throughout that highlighted key elements of Christianity like the ABC's of becoming a Christian and The Lords Prayer.

It's a pretty basic Bible and Zonderkidz usually has a lot more special features than this. The Under the Sea Bible is a good basic Bible but it's definitely of the no frills variation. Luckily the price does reflect this at around $20 it's a reasonable price for a hard bound Bible.
(Posted on 3/17/2016)
Review by Jalynn
Overall Rating
Under the Sea is such a great theme for this Bible. I absolutely adore the beautiful cover. There is a great reminder on prayer based on the each finger on your hand. Thumb: People closest to you such as friends and family. Pointer finger: People who lead the way to Him. (teachers, preachers, etc.), Tall finger: People in authority, Ring finger: People who are weak, Little finger: Yourself. a very easy way to remember who to pray for.

This Under the Sea Bible is geared for ages 6-10. This particular one is hardcover and very sturdy. With Easter fast approaching this Bible would make a great gift! This is also a great start up more grown up version of the Bible for little ones.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. (Posted on 3/5/2016)

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