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The Tears of Dark Water

Format: Paperback

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Quick Overview:

Daniel and Vanessa Parker are an American success story. He is a Washington, DC, power broker, and she is a physician with a thriving practice. But behind the gilded façade, their marriage is a shambles, and their teenage son, Quentin, is self-destructing. In desperation, Daniel dusts off a long-delayed dream—a sailing trip around the world.

Daniel and Vanessa Parker are an American success story. He is a Washington, DC, power broker, and she is a physician with a thriving practice. But behind the gilded façade, their marriage is a shambles, and their teenage son, Quentin, is self-destructing. In desperation, Daniel dusts off a long-delayed dream—a sailing trip around the world. Little does he know, the voyage he hopes will save them may destroy them instead.

Half a world away on the lawless coast of Somalia, Ismail Adan Ibrahim is living a life of crime in violation of everything he was raised to believe—except for the love and loyalty driving him to hijack ships for ransom and plot the rescue of his sister, Yasmin, from the man who murdered their father. There is nothing he will not do to save her, even if it means taking innocent lives.

Paul Derrick is the FBI’s top hostage negotiator. His twin sister, Megan, is a celebrated defense attorney. They have reached the summit of their careers by savvy, grit, and a secret determination to escape the memory of the day their family died. When Paul is dispatched to handle a hostage crisis at sea, he has no idea how far it will take him and Megan into the past—or the chance it will give them to redeem the future.

Across continents and oceans, through storms and civil wars, the paths of these individuals converge in a single, explosive moment. It is a moment that will test them and break them, but it will also leave behind an unexpected glimmer of hope—that out of the ashes of tragedy and misfortune, the seeds of justice and reconciliation can grow.

Contributor(s) Corban Addison
About the Contributor(s) Corban Addison

Corban Addison is the international bestselling author of A Walk Across the SunThe Garden of Burning Sand, and The Tears of Dark Water,which won the 2016 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Award. His novels have been published in over 25 countries. An attorney, activist, and world traveler, he is a supporter of humanitarian and social justice causes around the world. He lives with his wife and children in Virginia. Learn more at his website Facebook: CorbanAddison Twitter: @CorbanAddison



ISBN-10 0718042395
ISBN-13 9780718042394
Release Date Jul 12, 2016
Weight (lbs) 0.6500
Height 8.40
Width 5.50
Length 464
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $16.99
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Deana
Overall Rating
Daniel Parker is a successful lawyer and his wife, Vanessa is a doctor. They have very demanding and stressful jobs. With their careers, they have little time to devote to their troubled teen, Quentin. Daniel decides he must reconnect with his son and plans to sail around the world with his son on their yacht. I can't imagine being on a yacht for an extended amount of time and being so far away from land. As Daniel finishes up the final details of their trip, he is hoping that his wife will join them . Perhaps the trip could improve their relationship as well is the thought he has in his head. Vanessa declines the invitation, so off father and son go on an adventure that will change their lives.

The trip seems to be improving the relationship between father and son until they hit the coast of Somalia. There waiting for them, is a band of pirates who hijack the yacht and soon will terrorize their prisoners. The shock must have been felt all the way to their toes, as Daniel and Quentin face an unknown future. Ismail is the leader and is determined to make this latest crime pay off. He is in desperate need to save his sister from a ruthless man who has demanded a ransom for her safe return.

There are many people who play key roles in the story and their determination, strength and love is written with great emotion. I'm not sure how I would react in a similar situation., but the characters really showed a depth of survival instincts that captured my attention. The Navy and SEALS are recruited to rescue Daniel and Quentin. I think the feelings that Vanessa expressed during this trying time were so real, I instantly felt my heart go out to her.

The story weaves many characters together while telling their own personal struggles. It is a powerful read with twists with an emotional roller coaster. It becomes hard to hate Ismail when he is so deeply entertwined with the rescue of his sister. What is the right thing to do? It may be a fiction book, but it could easily be a story we hear on the news. The US government deals with terrorism daily and this book is one that will have you glued to the book as the incredible story unfolds. Will Daniel and Quentin be saved by the U.S.? Can Ismail save his sister before a tragedy strikes? I loved the underlying theme of forgiveness. Can someone redeem themselves if they have committed a horrible crime? This book will not be one you will forget as you read a story of the high seas and people who have pasts they want to overcome.

I received a copy of this book from The NetGalley and The Fiction Guild for an honest review. (Posted on 1/19/2016)
Review by Shelley
Overall Rating
Corban Addison does it again!!
Vanessa and Daniel a couple by most standards at least by appearances have it all.
Behind closed doors their relationship is anything but that strained by overwhelming differences and stresses of the world cause them to grow apart. So much so that Daniel makes the decision to go on a sailing voyage with their only teenage son Quentin towards Somalia and other “forbidden” areas that by most people would consider highly dangerous. As they are sailing and getting to know one another again. Daniel starts writing letters to his wife and tells her Quentin has matured and he has a change of heart towards his wife. Vanessa decides to meet them at a prearranged point to reconcile their strained relationship. But before that can happen tragedy strikes and the sailboat is hijacked by pirates. Vanessa overcomes her fears and agrees to make a ransom drop from a plane after negotiations with the hostage negotiator and the government is not satisfying the pirates. Vanessa's last view of the her husband is from the plane as later on that day Daniel is shot and killed,and Quentin is wounded.

There is a lot more to this story but the readers will have to get the book to find out what happens.

I was supplied this book by Thomas Nelson for an honest review. (Posted on 11/25/2015)

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