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The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen

Opening Your Eyes to Wonder

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Quick Overview:

In The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen, Grammy-nominated singer/ songwriter Lisa Gungor explores through her story of love, loss and raising a daughter with special needs, and how these experiences opened her eyes to the divine beauty and wonder hidden in all of the chaos and pain of life.

Lisa Gungor thought she knew her own story: small-town girl meets boy in college and they blissfully walk down the aisle into happily ever after. Their Christian faith was their lens and foundation for everything—their marriage, their music, their dreams for the future. But as their dreams began to come true, she began to wonder if her religion was really representative of the ‘good news’ she had been taught.

She never expected the questions to lead as far as they did when her husband told her he no longer believed in God. The death of a friend, the unraveling of relationships and career, the loss of a worldview, and the birth of a baby girl with two heart defects all led Lisa to a tumultuous place; one of depression and despair. And it was there that her perspective on everything changed. The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen tells the story of what can happen when you dare to let go of what you think to be true; to shift the kaleidoscope and see new colors and dimension by way of broken pieces.

Lisa’s eloquent, soul-stirring memoir brings you to a music stage before thousands of fans and a front porch where two people whisper words that scare them to the core. It is the story of how doubt can spark the beginning of deeper faith; how a baby born with a broken heart can bring love and healing to the hearts of many, and ultimately, how the hardest experience in life often ends up saving us.

Contributor(s) Lisa Gungor
About the Contributor(s) Lisa Gungor

Lisa Gungor has been scribbling down songs since she was seven years old. A maker at heart, Lisa studied art in college, and in 2005 she began recording and traveling with the band that eventually turned into the two-time Grammy-nominated musical collective with her husband known as Gungor. Lisa lives in Los Angeles with her husband Michael and their two beautiful girls, Amelie and Lucie. She writes for Gungor, the Storyline blog, The Liturgists, and The Huffington Post.



UPC 025986350437
ISBN-10 0310350433
ISBN-13 9780310350439
Release Date Jun 26, 2018
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Length 224
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Publisher Zondervan
Price $16.99
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Teresa
Overall Rating
This book was sent to me by Book Look Bloggers in return for my honest review. I do not recommend it as a book that will enrich your Christian faith; however, if you are strong in faith, it will challenge you to hear a different point of view and think about why you hold Christian faith despite the reasons that Lisa gives for turning from her traditional faith along with her husband, Michael. The couple had a Christian band called Gungor, which I had never heard of before I stumbled across a podcast that mentioned Gungor about a year ago. As I read the book, I listened to Gungor on Spotify, and I was blown away by the talent of the band and the beauty of the songs. I think it probably let down a lot of fans when the couple announced that they no longer identify as Christians, and I think the couple probably had a lot of anger directed at them that would have been hard to take. This book is beautifully written, and I can tell Lisa Gungor is coming from a place of personal honesty as she writes. Reading about her experience of having a daughter with Down Syndrome is eye-opening, and I like how she explains that society's view of worth applying to only the able-bodied is skewed. Her description of life with her daughter was the most compelling part of the book for me. After reading Lisa's book, I am still a Christian, so obviously I disagree with her on several points about faith. I still believe in the Bible as God's word because of the fulfilled prophecy that it contains and because of the work of the Holy Spirit that is clear in the lives of many believers. However, I respect Lisa as a reflective, artistic person who is asking very hard questions. I do not think she has come to the right conclusion about Christ, eternity, and the Bible. I do agree with her that some people use Christianity to manipulate others and gain power; that is certainly not the majority of Christians, but it does happen, and it is wrong to do. I also agree that some of the sexism that goes on in churches is beyond what is actually biblical. Lisa writes that she does not understand why God answers some prayers and then allows other evil to go on, such as the holocaust. It is hard to understand, but as a Christian, I must humble myself enough to realize that I cannot see the big picture completely. None of us can. This is part of faith.
(Posted on 7/27/2018)
Review by Lizbet
Overall Rating
Reading this has refreshed my soul and showed me that there are others with a story like mine. Questions and doubts are all laid bare, but Lisa does a wonderful job of normalizing them and showing her own process of working through them.
Hearing a non traditional voice in the Christian literature sphere is so refreshing, and I hope that we can see more and more diversity coming from Christian publishers. (Posted on 7/7/2018)

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