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Dairy Farming: A Way of Life by D.F. Don Cooper

Dairy Farming: A Way of Life

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A story about Don Cooper from infancy, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his maternal ancestors emigrated from Germany in the 1850’s. They made their homesteads in Washington County, Wisconsin. Don visited their farms frequently as a youth, and eventually was employed as a farm hand on his mom’s cousin’s farm. Those many visits convinced him that he would become a farmer some day. His Mom’s cousin, Armand (Wimpy) Mertz, became his mentor. Don worked full time for him after graduating from high school. He loved the cows, calves, pigs, chickens, wildlife, and especially the horses. Wimpy knew the names of the trees, weeds, other plants, bugs and all of God’s creation. Don admired his vast knowledge and was thankful for having such a wonderful teacher. I soon realized that my chances of purchasing a farm of our own where pretty slim. I worked on several agricultural related jobs. My friends Paul and Elvira Brunnquell convinced me to go on a blind date with them. Ruth Nienow, was my date; I fell madly in love with her, and prayed that God would convince her to be my beautiful bride. One year later we were married. Her Dad was a farmer, and we decided that we would try to purchase a farm. We saw an ad in the paper, “Farm for rent.” Another ad, “Purebred herd of Holstein cows for sale.” We purchased the cows and rented the farm. It was a nightmare. There was too much work and not enough income. Our landlord died six months later. The next farm was also bad news. The third rented farm was an excellent farm that provided us with the income needed to purchase our own farm. “Dairy Farming A Way of Life’’ describes the many trials and tribulations we endured. The Lord was with us every step of the way. Without His ever presence and guidance, we would not have not have been able to continue farming.

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  • Contributor(s)D.F. Don Cooper
  • About the Contributor(s) D.F. Don CooperDon was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1935. His maternal ancestors were farmers who emigrated from Germany. His... D.F. Don Cooper

    Don was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1935. His maternal ancestors were farmers who emigrated from Germany. His grandmother’s homestead is in the Town of Wayne, Washington County, Wisconsin, -- “out home” to him. He visited her homestead and the Armand Mertz farm frequently in his youth. He made many Greyhound trips from Milwaukee to visit there every chance he had and developed his love for farming on that farm.

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