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Amphibian Diaries: A Field Guide for Truth-Seekers

Amphibian Diaries: A Field Guide for Truth-Seekers

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Amphibian Diaries is a Field Guide for Truth Seekers. A little, green stowaway in the author’s baggage turned out to be a good friend with a sage-like understanding of life. He taught six principles for recognizing Truth so people can have genuine, interpersonal dialogue while searching for personal significance. By the time a reader is finished with the book, they’re invited into a safe and healthy conversation of life’s big questions with a friend. The invitation comes in the form of the LifeBet, reminiscent of the philosophy of Blasé Pascal, which states that all of us live our lives by a wager or bet we have made—there is a God, or there is no God. (The books main character, BP is named for Blasé Pascal.) The book intends to launch LifeBet makers and takers into a commitment of seven meetings wherein they discus foundational life-issues: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny. Ultimately, the answers are a matter of faith for everyone—the primary constructs of our respective worldviews. BP and the author would argue that these high-level meetings/conversations are essential but difficult, made practicable and effective by a commitment to SEARCH, an acronym for the six principles: 1) We all have a Soul with a hole, a need to be fulfilled by a significant and secure life. 2) We have an intrinsic Expectation of satisfaction that we cling to by faith. 3) We express our beliefs in terms of Answers to life’s ultimate and necessary questions: Origin, Meaning, Destiny, and Morality. 4) Our Reason to believe is always a matter of logical, empirical, and practical variables. 5) Our beliefs are an expression of our view of the Correspondence between our ideas about reality and reality itself. And, 6) Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and inspirational Humility is required for the entire conversation Life and God. The meetings and the ensuing dialogue are encouraged and assisted by the readers’ personal access to a designated website: where they will find concise and insightful support materials as well as connection for interaction with the author and others. The book, the website, and the concept are all designed to move the reader in the direction of hope in a gentle and respectful manner. It presumes that if people genuinely seek Truth they will find themselves in the freedom of God’s love.

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  • Contributor(s)John Hansel Jr.
  • About the Contributor(s) John Hansel, Jr.A teacher/speaker with a Masters from Dallas Seminary, his doctoral studies were at The Ohio State University. He... John Hansel, Jr.

    A teacher/speaker with a Masters from Dallas Seminary, his doctoral studies were at The Ohio State University. He worked for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, served as a senior pastor, as Area Director for Search Ministries, and is the Founder of The Heart for Home—facilitating group dialogue about Life and God. He and his wife of forty years in love have two daughters and two grandchildren. His hobbies include Gus, the service dog and anything fast and daring.

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  • Publish Date12/11/2018
  • PublisherElm Hill
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