Do you want to earn when you share about what you've been reading?

Are you using one of our devotionals to inspire your prayer life? Reading through one of our Bibles when you verse map? Finishing up a BIble study guide? you're in the right place.

The FaithGateway Faithfull Reader Program is a unique opportunity for you to earn additional income by placing links directly on your website, or by sharing links on your social platforms. Each purchase made through these links earns you a percentage of the sale.

With thousands of Bibles, Bible studies, Christian and inspirational books, study guides, and devotionals to choose from, our online store at makes it easy for your audience to find the resources they need to grow and share their faith.

A few ideas for your extra funds:

  • ▻ Continued access to resources for your personal study
  • ▻ Additional income to support your family
  • ▻ Outreach efforts in your community
  • ▻ And even more!

Who is this program designed for?

Our Faithfull Reader program is an affiliate program designed for the individual, blogger, influencer or content creator to grow and share their faith.

The Faithfull Reader is someone who enjoys spending quiet time reading inspirational books, completing devotionals, perusing the Bible and learning more about their faith.

They also love to share about their spiritual journey and they have a blog or social account that they use to document their experience.

Does that sound like you?

Perks for Faithfull Readers

Our affiliates have access to thousands of bestselling products and frequent promotions.

Some other perks include:

▻ Competative commissions with a 30 day cookie
▻ Direct access to staff for support
▻ Discounted and complimentary products
▻ Partnership with a recognized name in the Christian publishing industry

Requirements to join

We ask that our affiliates:

▻ Have a functional, reviewable, well designed, english-language website AND/OR a well-managed and engaged social media account, with at least three (3) months of prior content to review.

▻ Reach a minimum audience of 2,500 (social followers or monthly site visitors.)

▻ Agree to generating a minimum of $500 in sales annually to maintain affiliate status.

▻ Agree to represent the FaithGateway brand, HarperCollins, any content and authors with respect when speaking or sharing about the partnership or products.

▻ Are at least 18 years of age and are residents of the USA or Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sign up?

Our program is hosted by Refersion, and you can sign up when you click this link.

How long will application approval take?

Applications will be approved or denied within 7 days, and you'll be notified of application status by email.

Does joining cost anything?

Nope! Signing up is free and takes 5-10 minutes to finish. Once your application is approved, you can start sharing immediately.

When and how will I be paid?

Payments will be completed through Refersion on an XXX basis. For example, if a conversion is completed in June, you'll be paid by July 15th. Be sure your payment information is up-to-date in Refersion.

Do I have to buy products to become an affiliate?

No, you are not required to make any purchases in order to become an affiliate. We will provide you with creative assets, product images, new offers, collections, and more to assist in your promotions.

Is there a minimum number of times I have to promote FaithGateway monthly in order to be an affiliate?

While there isn't a minimum number of required monthly promotions, affiliates are required to generate $500 in sales annually in order to maintain affiliate status. Remeber: your earnings are directly dependent on how much traffic you drive to our website!

Do FaithGateway's Faithfull Readers receive discounts or free products?

Occassionally, but we don’t provide regular discounts to our affiliates. You can purchase products through your custom affiliate link and receive a commission for your own sale, though! Keep an eye on our website for regular marketing promotions and discounts.

Can I use any image I see online to promote products?

No. We recommend that you stick to using the images we provide through Refersion, our affiliate marketing platform. You can also create your own original content!

Where can I share my affiliate links?

All over the internet! Your blog and social platforms are a great place to start. Please nore that you are required to adhere to FTC guidelines when using affiliate links.

Click here for resources with more information about FTC guidelines.

Disclaimer: This should not be considered legal advice.

Have a different question? Contact our partnership team when you click here.

Other Ways to Grow
& Share Your Faith

Working with our community is the best part of what we do! We love seeing how you use the books and other products you purchase from FaithGateway to help grow in your own faith.

Post photos with your books and use the hashtags #faithgateway #growandshareyourfaith and #faithfullreader on your favorite social platform and you might be featured on ours!

Want to partner with us? Send us an email!