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NIV College Devotional Bible

Format: Hardcover

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

This hardcover Bible is full of practical, relevant devotions written for the school year. Not only does this Bible help you deepen your walk with Jesus during the pivotal college years, but it also helps you connect the Bible to the struggles, questions and decisions you face. Make it your trusted guide during your college journey.

Your college years are different from any other time in your life. You get a demanding new schedule – and it’s yours to manage 100% on your own. You make new, lifelong friendships as you spend time with other people on a similar path in the journey. You face unique challenges as you begin to see the world differently, including what your impact on the world might be.

This special time in your life is also an opportunity for you to deepen your relationship with Jesus. The NIV College Devotional Bible will help you strengthen your walk with God as you find your own way in life. It’s filled with stories that connect Scripture with the struggles, questions, and decisions every college student faces. In fact, it’s the same approach that Jesus used in his parables—taking stories from everyday life to illustrate eternal truths.


  • 222 school-year devotions with daily insights and applications on relevant topics
  • Devotions use a unique storytelling approach to connect God’s Word with your real-life questions, struggles, and decisions as a student
  • A practical reading plan that helps you stay connected to God during the 9 months of school each year
  • Quick-start guide shows you how to get the most out of reading the Bible
  • Subject index for looking up topics of interest
  • Complete text of the clear, accessible NIV Bible
Contributor(s) Christopher D. Hudson
About the Contributor(s) Christopher D. Hudson

Christopher D. Hudson served as the General Editor of Strive: The Bible for Men as well as Revolution: the Bible for Teen Guys. He was a consulting editor for the New Men’s Devotional Bible and has created many other best-selling Bible projects. In addition, he has created daily devotional titles such as Day by Day with the Early Church Fathers. Christopher lives with his wife and three children in northern Illinois, where he also serves on the athletic coaching staff of Wheaton College.

UPC 025986442576
ISBN-10 0310442575
ISBN-13 9780310442578
Release Date Feb 19, 2013
Weight (lbs) 2.0600
Height 8.88
Width 5.63
Length 1408
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zondervan
Price $34.99
Bible Translation New International Version (NIV)
Format Hardcover
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Erica
Overall Rating
Recently I started the bible plan for this book on my bible app looking for a devotional to do every morning. So far it has been good, until I came to the story about the college of engineering student David who prayed to God about getting good grades. In the study is claims that God told him to get some rest which consisted of studying the word, praying, relaxing, worshiping, etc. But what surprised me overall is that the author would claim that God would tell someone to get rest from Saturday 6pm-Sunday 6pm now obviously, they are referring to Sabbath rest, receiving rest in a period from sundown to sundown, but clearly the one day is given. According to the scripture, when Jesus died he died a Friday, and as the Sabbath day approached people made way to prepared spices and ointments (Luke 23:54-24:1) , on that day He RESTED then arose from the dead redirection Sunday, in the beginning when God created the heavens and the Earth, on the 7th Day He rested (Genesis 2:2,3)....the seventh day of the week being the Sabbath day, in the scripture it reads that the Sabbath day was sanctified and made holy, being a sign of God's power and love and mercy (Ezekiel 20:12), and in Leviticus 23:32 and Mark 1:32 it is clear the scripture talks about when the Sabbath rest should take place, from evening to evening BUT on the seventh day so this would mean actual Sabbath rest is from Friday sundown to Saturday John 14:15, Jesus says, If ye love me, keep my commandments...Jesus came to fulfill the law, the law in the flesh, Satan's accusation against God is that we are unable to keep his law, that his law is too hard and unjust but Jesus came and lived in this sinful world and kept all the commandments of God including the 4th (Luke 4:16) which states "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy....The Lord blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it" (Exodus 20:8:11). I just felt this needed a bit of clarification so that we all are on one accord in reading scriptures accurately to gain spiritual truth. God bless (Posted on 4/2/2015)
Review by Victor
Overall Rating
I can resume with one word, all that it has to be said about the NIV College Bible from Zondervan, and that is : Simplicity. I think that even the devotional notes, are set to be not complicated and, perhaps, designed to push the reader to go straight to the sacred text, not because the notes are not good, but because of its uncomplicated nature, or it seems to me. As usual the presentation is fine, I would prefer the fonts were bigger, but in the great scheme of things conforming this Bible, I can say that everything aims to avoid losing focus. I like this version, I also consider it to be a good gift for that youngster coming out of his/her comfort zone. It does not take much space, I got the hardcover edition, they have a soft cover version which I assume is thinner. Although I really think students will prefer the hardcover.
(Posted on 10/5/2014)
Review by YeshuaJesusIsLord
Overall Rating
I received this NIV College Devotional Bible to review through Book Look Bloggers. It is better than I anticipated! As a student at a local community college full of Muslims, Atheists, and having three Anti-God/Atheist clubs, this Bible is invaluable to me. The devotions are very thought provoking and personal. It's hard to put this Bible down once you start reading, it's that good! I challenge any believer to read just one devotion, then put it down...I doubt many can! I carry this Bible with me to school and use it a lot when evangelizing other students on campus. I love that it is NIV, because the NIV gospel of John is so compelling to believers and non-believers alike. The print is a easy-to-read size, so most people should have no problem reading the print. I plan on taking this bible with me when I move on to Seminary in a few months. I can't express how wonderful this devotional Bible is, I highly recommend it to any student! A great gift for anyone to give a student who's going off to college to help keep them in God's Word and spiritually fit in today's world! (Posted on 9/29/2014)

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