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Format: Paperback

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Quick Overview:

A man and his son dreamed of America’s freedom, but the dream became a nightmare when they ended up at Guantánamo Bay.

A man and his son dreamed of America’s freedom, but the dream became a nightmare when they ended up at Guantánamo Bay.

Hasan Makari and his son, Najib, both Lebanese nationals, have dreamed of the day they would experience the shining freedom of America. But when they arrive in the US, they are arrested, accused of terrorism, and incarcerated at the Guantánamo Bay Prison Camp in Cuba, all on false charges. Suddenly, they face the nightmare of death by execution.

Their only hope is Navy JAG Officer Matt Davis, who has been assigned to the case of his life—to defend the Makaris in court at Guantánamo Bay. Matt believes his clients are innocent, but he faces monumental opposition—not only from powerful federal prosecutors with a huge agenda and an unlimited budget, but also from the woman he loves who, as a fellow JAG officer, has been ordered onto the prosecution team to convict the Makaris.

As the drama unfolds in Cuba, Emily Gardner, a top-ranking TSA lawyer, has just received a larger-than-life nomination as General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security. While preparing for confirmation by the US Senate, she discovers a shocking scheme that will turn her life upside down. Can Emily expose the truth in time to save the lives of those being accused—and escape with her own life? Somewhere between the war-torn plains of Northern Lebanon and the secret torture chamber of Guantánamo Bay lie the keys to justice.

Contributor(s) Don Brown
About the Contributor(s) Don Brown

Don Brown is the author of Thunder in the Morning Calm, The Malacca Conspiracy, The Navy Justice Series, and The Black Sea Affair, a submarine thriller that predicted the 2008 shooting war between Russia and Georgia. Don served five years in the U.S. Navy as an officer in the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps, which gave him an exceptional vantage point into both the Navy and the inner workings "inside-the-beltway" as an action officer assigned to the Pentagon. He left active duty in 1992 to pursue private practice, but remained on inactive status through 1999, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He and his family live in North Carolina, where he pursues his passion for penning novels about the Navy. Facebook: Don-Brown


UPC 025986338053
ISBN-10 0310338050
ISBN-13 9780310338055
Release Date Apr 21, 2015
Weight (lbs) 0.6500
Height 8.38
Width 5.50
Length 416
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zondervan
Price $15.99
Series The Navy JAG Series
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Brittany at the Books and Biscuits Blog
Overall Rating
Detained begins The Navy JAG Series by acclaimed Christian author, Don Brown. Following much-loved characters introduced in his earlier novels, Detained also introduces Navy JAG Officer Matt Davis, who is charged with defending two alleged terrorists at Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp. His clients are innocent Lebanese nationals caught in a web of false charges and politics that spans the world and threatens the lives of American citizens at home and abroad. When Emily Gardner, a TSA lawyer, is unexpectedly nominated as General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security, she discovers the truth behind a widespread conspiracy and the real enemy at work behind Matt’s court case.

In a rapid-paced thriller reminiscent of Davis Bunn’s greatest novels, Detained encapsulates the best aspects of the Christian suspense genre. Filled with intriguing and unpredictable moments, Mr. Brown writes a convincing and well-developed tale of political maneuvering, legal cunning, and military prowess that will fascinate readers.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Detained. I found his characters to be well-rounded and interesting, while his pacing and storylines were also expertly done. In terms of content, a movie-version of the book (which would seem entirely conceivable) would likely be rated PG-13 as a result of terror events and torture-related sequences, even with its clean language and content. Otherwise, my only issue with the book related to the very first chapter of the book, which contained nearly 100 pages, for no particular reason that I was ever able to figure out.

Special thanks to BookLook Bloggers and Zondervan for the advanced copy of Detained!

Brittany at the Books and Biscuits Blog (Posted on 4/21/2015)

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