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Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company

Format: Paperback

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

A kidnapped lunar heiress. A deranged-science syndicate. An imminent asteroid impact. Crater Trueblood has more to rescue than just his ex-girlfriend . . . namely the entire human race.

“Hickam has a wild imagination and a keen eye for the science behind the fiction.” —JAVIER GRILLO-MARXUACH, writer & producer on Lost and Helix, creator of The Middleman

Crater Trueblood has to rescue his ex-girlfriend . . . and the entire human race.

Maria Medaris is the 21-year-old matriarch of the most powerful family on the moon—gorgeous, powerful, and high-maintenance. When she is kidnapped by green-lipped, gene-splicing scientists, Maria’s only hope turns out to be the very man she once spurned: Crater Trueblood.

Crater and the Lunar Rescue Company must rescue Maria before she joins forces with the lunatics who have taken her hostage and aim to make her queen.

Turns out more than Maria is at stake: the planet Earth, majestically rising over the lunar horizon, is in the crosshairs of an asteroid engineered by Maria’s abductors. If Crater can’t stop it, humanity on Earth will be destroyed.

The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance . . . and the clock is ticking.

“Hickam again displays a knack for suspenseful scenes out in the ‘big suck’ of space . . .” —KIRKUS Reviews

“An exciting romp through a surprisingly realistic future.” —JASPER T. SCOTT, author of the Dark Space series

Contributor(s) Homer Hickam
About the Contributor(s) Homer Hickam

Homer Hickam (also known as Homer H. Hickam, Jr.) is the bestselling and award-winning author of many books, including the #1 New York Times memoir Rocket Boys, which was adapted into the popular film October Sky. A writer since grade school, he is also a Vietnam veteran, a former coal miner, a scuba instructor, an avid amateur paleontologist, and a retired engineer. He lives in Alabama and the Virgin Islands.

UPC 020049135686
ISBN-10 1595546626
ISBN-13 9781595546623
Release Date Jun 10, 2014
Weight (lbs) 0.6800
Height 8.50
Width 5.50
Length 336
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $9.99
Series A Helium-3 Novel
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by James
Overall Rating
Crater Trueblood is the third in Homer Hickam's Helium 3 series of novels, after "Crater" and "Crescent". The main character in all 3 novels is Crater, who, in the course of the story, transforms from a young man who works as a Moon-based miner to an owner of a search-and-rescue business who ends up saving the world. And in this case, "the World" means what remains of humans, who no longer live on Earth but on the Moon.

A young female protagonist, Maria, is an antagonist for part of the story, but it's fairly obvious from the get-go that she and Crater are meant to be. Other characters include Crater's brother and business partner, and then there are litle creatures called gillies, kind of like pets but who have minds of their own.

My son read the first Crater book at the age of 10, and now, at the age of 12, has completed the new one. This series is among the very few works of fiction being offered by Christian publishers these days in which the target audience is young pre-teen or early-teen boys. If you have a son in that age range who likes adventure, the Helium 3 series is well-written.

The publisher, Thomas Nelson, offered me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. (Posted on 6/11/2014)
Review by LT
Overall Rating
I couldn't wait to read this and now it is here! This is the third in Homer Hickam's wonderful science fiction trilogy. Like the two novels which preceded it, Lunar Rescue Company is an exciting, imaginative adventure. Although written for younger readers, probably 11-18, adults will enjoy it, too. The characters are all finely drawn and it was great fun to see their growth over the three novels. In this one Crater is no longer a love-smitten teen trying to figure out his place in the world (or moon). Now, he's got his own company which includes his brother Petro and the bio-engineered female warrior Crescent (who is the titular character in the second novel in the series). Although the first two novels takes place entirely on the moon, this one launches into deep space on a wild rescue attempt to not only save Maria - Crater's lost love - but, as the book progresses, the entire Earth! Highly recommended. (Posted on 6/10/2014)
Review by J.C.
Overall Rating
The voyage of this book had more than a few bumps along the way. When delivered, someone – I’m really not sure who – decided to open the package it came in. And, either they realized it would not bring them much profit to steal or they didn’t like the look of it. Whatever the reason, they left it on the doorstep in a slightly mangled condition.

Initially, I was quite upset.

But then I read the series and sadly, I’m not so upset anymore.

I wanted to like these books. I really did. I actually ordered this book from one of my Bloggers review programs and I was so excited about getting it. I wish now that I had found the time to read the other two first…

Oh well. You live and you learn.

This book especially, mainstream readers of YA fiction, will LOVE! There is even less Christ-Like writing and more nonsense about the supposed origins of our planet and our species. But that’s what mainstream YA readers look for. They don’t want God. They want fantasy. And it’s in there.

OK. I’m going back to my Amish fiction now. I need some spiritual saturation.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions above ARE my own! (Posted on 6/3/2014)

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