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The Voice, Compass Study Bible, Hardcover

The Study Bible for Navigating Your Life
Format: Hardcover

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Quick Overview:

Compass is about helping you find the answers you’re looking for in the pages of the Scriptures and allowing that truth to navigate your life. Packed with Bible-reading helps and using an energizing, new Bible translation.

Compass is about helping you find the answers you’re looking for in the pages of the Scriptures and allowing that truth to navigate your life. Packed with Bible-reading study helps and using an energizing, new Bible translation, Compass is a Bible designed with you in mind. Do you want to start reading and applying the Bible to your life, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Let Compass point you in the right direction.


Features include:

  • In-text notes that include cultural, historical, theological, and devotional thoughts
  • God’s Promises® - Thomas Nelson’s bestselling guide to Scripture for your every need
  • Book introductions
  • Reading plans for every day of the year
  • Topical guides to Scripture and notes
  • In-text maps
  • 9-point type size

Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles

Contributor(s) Ecclesia Bible Society
ISBN-10 1401680305
ISBN-13 9781401680305
Release Date Feb 4, 2014
Weight (lbs) 2.3400
Height 8.75
Width 6.00
Length 1664
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Price $19.99
Who It's For Men, Women
Color Multicolor
Format Hardcover
Specific Color Multicolor
Features Maps/Charts
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by hpz62
Overall Rating
Its name: The Compass Bible, is definitely something that will draw the attention of many. Produce by Ecclesia Bible Society and Published by Thomas Nelson House of publications, this version of the book, promise to be another good addition to frequent Bible readers.
I have to say, that I had to do a short research to understand what was the purpose of this Bible version, and after reading the facts and the Compass Bible itself, I came to this conclusion : This version present key features that make this Bible stand alone.
For example, The Compass Bible version is focused on translating the meaning the texts are trying to say, instead of the standard word for word system. Here you as reader will experience a new way of approaching the Scriptures message.
It is my opinion that this makes the context clear enough to the reader, and that is not only important, it is key in understanding.
I found a few things that make this Bible different. For instance, you might thing you are reading a movie script, also you will notice that the words Eternal One will replace the name Jehovah. Those aspects might be something not many appreciate. Some others might not even mind at all.
One of the things that will be good to change is the font they choose, not only the size of the Scripture verses are small, the difference between them and the one they use for commentaries, makes one think the commentaries are the main text, which is totally not the point when it comes to take the importance of the Sacred text.
I recommend Compass Bible version. It is a nice version that will lead one to read with ease the Bible as a book text.
This book was provided to me courtesy of Thomas Nelson and BookLook in exchange for an honest review.
(Posted on 2/5/2014)
Review by Heather
Overall Rating
A few years ago, in my textual criticism class, quite a stir was created when the Voice New Testament was released. Another modern translation. Sigh. And the list grew from there of all the knowledgeable arguments, translation styles, etc...Let me start with: I LOVE THIS BIBLE!
Compass is packed full of notes that reach out to the soul struggling through the questions of life and trying to trust the Spirit of God to bring peace and direction, remaining open to hearing The Voice.

The language used in this Study Bible cuts through the "christianese" of terms that the church goer is familiar with and breaks through the theologically defined terms in order to speak to the heart.

Readers will read scene after scene where God speaks to the heart and not just the head. This is a bible for reflection and devotional quiet time. I would probably not read it in a serious study group, debating issues. But then again, I may. Just to cut through the overly familiar.
Many cultures, specifically the Jewish culture have a difficult time with certain words, words that were used to persecute. Christ and Cross for example. You might think that those things are in the past with concentration camps. Even today we have friends who as Jewish children have been called Christ Killers. With some translations feeling emboldened to use the YHWH liberally through out scriptures (some times inconsistently) this adds another stumbling block. The Compass Bible also uses the term "Anointed One" in place of "Christ" and the terms "Eternal" or "Eternal One" for the tetragrammaton. AND they point out the fallacies of the mistranslated words Jehovah and Yahweh. (YES!!!!)
By removing things that could hinder, the translation team has made a Bible that those who are not familiar with G-d, the Church, Christianity, etc... would be more apt to not only pick up but actually read.
The translation team did not just slough off translation skills in order to gain the emotional/heart aspect.
“The heart of the project is retelling the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works, while remaining painstakingly true to the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts,” says the preface.
Seriously, read the preface! (I geek out on Bible prefaces!)
(Posted on 1/31/2014)

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