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What Christians Believe: A Biblical and Historical Summary by Alan F. Johnson and Robert E. Webber

What Christians Believe: A Biblical and Historical Summary

Alan F. Johnson | Robert E. Webber
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The traditional way of doing theology among evangelicals—setting forth a rigid theological system and then vigorously defending it as revealed truth—has tended to emphasize points of disagreement among Christians rather than the beliefs we all hold in common. This book is a welcome departure. What Christians Believe offers a general theology that will serve all groups of evangelical Christians. It focuses on the unity of the various confessions while affirming diversity in matters of secondary importance. What Christians Believe takes the approach of contextualized theology—that is, it recognizes that all theological systems reflect the cultural grid in which they developed. Therefore, this book takes a two-pronged approach to each concept it covers. Alan F. Johnson discusses its biblical foundation, and Robert E. Webber traces its historical development in the church.

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  • Contributor(s)Alan F. Johnson , Robert E. Webber
  • ISBN-139780310367215
  • Publish Date09/23/1993
  • PublisherZondervan Academic
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  • LanguageEnglish
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