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Two Peas in a Pod- Books that Go Great Together

Books go well with a lot of things . . . coffee, a comfy chair, a rainy day. But if you’re like me, you can get overwhelmed by just how many great books there are to read and in so little time. That’s why books go best with more books! So, here’s a list of four book pairs, eight books in total, that compliment each other so that you can read them together for a whole new experience.

#1: Close Enough to Hear God Breathe by Greg Paul & Expecting to See Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz

Distraction is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges facing the modern church. With the 24-hour news cycle, the comparison game on social media, and the arguments and sins of the fallen world, how can anyone find the Lord’s good work in the midst of it all?

Close Enough to Hear God Breathe goes through the everyday parts of life and exposes how each is used by God to develop intimacy with those who love Him. Author Greg Paul includes real-life stories from his own life in ministry, and, together with Spirit-fueled and beautifully-written language, leads you in taking back the concept of “drawing near” to the Lord and resting in His presence.

Anne Graham Lotz, in Expecting to See Jesus, shows you not only how to find that intimacy, but how to find it in the most mundane situations. When you see Jesus where you might have never expected Him, your life becomes exciting and re-energized.

These two books, both written by ministry leaders, will teach you about different aspects of God’s presence and how to respond in two distinct ways.

#2: Sacred Rest by Cheryl Wunderlich & Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

Hustle. It’s a word we hear a lot nowadays. But it doesn’t leave room for what God says is necessary for us to flourish: rest.

Read Sacred Rest by Cheryl Wunderlich and you’ll discover how to escape the tyranny of urgency and step back into the practice of Sabbath and resting. In this series of 100 devotions, Cheryl walks you through the signs of exhaustion in her own life and how to find them in yours so that you can take a step back and find rest in the Savior.

Present Over Perfect, meanwhile, gives you the personal story of Shauna Niequist, detailing how to find day-to-day rest and discover those Sabbath moments, even when it’s not the Sabbath day. Shauna gives her readers a way to think about how they live life: stressing about the day-to-day or truly resting in the moment.

When read together, Sacred Rest and Present Over Perfect encourage those who struggle with letting go and challenge them to let God lead the way in His perfect rhythms of rest.

#3: Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan & Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay

Need a break from all the non-fiction? Enjoy some fictional romance based on some of the most classic tales ever told in a new, exciting way.

Becoming Mrs. Lewis is the story of Joy Davidman, the woman who would become the wife of the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, and much more, C. S. Lewis himself. This novel, based on the couple’s real-life love story, tells about the love that motivated Joy to find her voice and how she inspired the man whose words have impacted millions.

For fans of Jane Austen, Katherine Reay’s Dear Mr. Knightley is a must-read. It is a modern retelling of the classic novel Daddy-Long-Legs, a love story between a young orphaned girl whose love for writing has her head in the clouds and the young man who wants to see her succeed. Like Joy Davidman, Samantha Moore, the novel’s protagonist, finds her voice and soon captures the heart of the man of her dreams.

Both of these novels, with their classic twists, will satisfy even the pickiest reader.

#4: The Weekly Prayer Project from Zondervan & Anything by Jennie Allen

Do you ever feel like you talk too much? Maybe sometimes. I know I do. But do you ever feel like you talk to God too much? With these two books, you can learn how to turn to God first and foremost with your concerns and gratitude.

The Weekly Prayer Project guides readers through 52 Scripturally-based times of prayer, one for each week of the year, complete with beautiful and useful space for journaling. Each week has a Scripture for reference on how to pray the prayer you need specifically, separated into one of the seven sections, one for each of the types of prayers found in Scripture. Use this journal to establish a rhythm of prayer or to refresh your current prayer life.

At the same time, read Anything by Jennie Allen as a reminder to make your prayer life bold. In this book, Jennie talks about the single prayer that has radicalized her life beyond any other: “God, we will do anything.” After praying this prayer, the Lord took Jennie and her family on a spiritual journey that challenged them, but has, in the end, deepened their walk with Him.

When you read both of these books at the same time, you’ll get the full prayer boot camp experience and all the encouragement you’ll need to make your prayer time a habit.

Your Turn

Call it multi-tasking, call it doubling up . . . call it what you will, but sometimes reading two books together is the best way to go. Sometimes, a book has a best friend, another book that makes reading the first book even better: two peas in a pod! Share your own favorite book pairings in the comments below!

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Sydney Berry 
Sydney Berry is Memphis-born author who can usually be found sipping coffee with a book in her hand and cat on her lap.

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