God’s Delight

How can we access God’s delight? When I think of God’s affection for me, the primary picture that comes to mind is a powerful image of love: the cross. While ...

Shutdown Spirituality

The Core of Shutdown Attachment “I’m sorry I’m crying.” Garrett looked down, barely choking out the words. I could see his hands were trembling slightly as the tears splashed onto ...

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WayMaker Online Bible Study with Ann Voskamp

WayMaker Online Bible Study with Ann Voskamp

Find a way - The Way - to deeper intimacy with God! Join bestselling author Ann Voskamp as we discover the S.A.C.R.E.D. daily habit, a way of life, that will reorient our souls in relation to God through Scripture, prayer, and study. Reserve your spot now and receive free access to 6 study videos and other free Bible study resources when you sign up. Study starts 6/13!