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4 Best Guided Journals to Grow Your Faith in a Year

4 Best Guided Journals to Grow Your Faith in a Year

Guided journals are a useful tool for Christians who want to grow their faith. Most often used for individual worship, Bible studies, and small groups, faith-based guided journals help you set and reach goals for your spiritual health. 

In all forms of goal-setting, especially spiritual goal-setting, it’s important to have two things: a result you want to achieve and a plan with a deadline. The four guided journals in the Weekly Project Series are organized so you can focus on a particular aspect of your spiritual life and reflect on relevant verses over the course of an entire year. 

What are The Weekly Project Guided Journals? 

The Weekly Project is a series of 52-week guided journals that help you reflect on God’s work in your life. There is a separate guided journal for each spiritual discipline including prayer, faith, self-care, and gratitude

Every week of The Weekly Project guided journals include: 

  • A biblical theme to focus on
  • A short but impactful Bible verse to help you reflect and meditate
  • Inspirational insight to guide your thoughts and jumpstart your prayer project
  • Journaling prompts to help you pray, reflect, and connect with God

Find the best guided journal for you or discover a thoughtful gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, or even for welcoming new members to your Bible study group! 

Guided Journal #1: For beginners in faith and prayer life 

The Weekly Prayer Project: A Challenge to Journal, Pray, Reflect, and Connect with God

the weekly prayer project guided journal

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“This book is divided into seven sections—each representing a different type of prayer found in the Bible, from prayers of gratitude and thankfulness to prayers of lament and intercession. Each week invites you to read from the Bible and then respond to the journaling prompts. These cues will challenge you to pray for yourself and others in specific ways that are modeled in Scripture.” 

Sample Guided Journal Prompt:In the space below, write down the things that you usually lack the confidence to ask or the things that may seem too small to ask.”

Guided Journal #2: For when you need to add more faith to your day

The Weekly Faith Project: A Challenge to Journal, Reflect, and Cultivate a Genuine Faith

the weekly faith project guided journal

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“Faith is a living thing, growing and flourishing as you bask in the light of God’s promises and drink in the evidences of His faithfulness. But faith starves when left alone in the cold and dark of busyness, neglect, and doubt.

This book is intended to help you nourish your faith, to help it thrive and grow. Each week you’ll find thoughts, questions, and Scriptures for you to ponder. Doubts and fears will be carefully pruned away as you are encouraged to sink your roots deep into the truths of God’s promises, the steadfastness of His love, and the reality of His faithfulness.”

Sample Guided Journal Prompt:Why is it so important—to you and your faith—to allow God to define who you are, rather than the world or anyone in it?”

Guided Journal #3: Take care of yourself spiritually, physically, and emotionally 

The Weekly Self-Care Project: A Challenge to Journal, Reflect, and Invite Balance

the weekly self-care project guided journal

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“Self-care isn’t only about indulging in momentary pleasures. It’s about taking action to help yourself become whole, healthy, and able to serve God from a place of joy and abundance. This year, be intentional in how you care for yourself, and watch how it deepens and strengthens your connection with your Creator, the One who always treats you with love and tender care.

Each week invites you to read from the Bible and then respond to journaling prompts and calls to action. These cues, modeled in Scripture, will challenge you to rethink how to care for yourself and how you see yourself. Start at the beginning or jump ahead to the section that calls out to you.”

Sample Guided Journal Prompt: “What do you find yourself reaching for automatically when you get stressed, upset, or angry? Is it good for your body?”

Guided Journal #4: Discover something to be grateful for everyday

The Weekly Gratitude Project: A Challenge to Journal, Reflect, and Grow a Grateful Heart

the weekly gratitude project guided journal

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“Gratitude, expressing it and surrounding yourself with it, is truly life changing. God’s Word and His promises are full of His many blessings, giving us countless reasons to voice our gratitude and thankfulness. But gratitude can feel tough to find in a world full of busyness, neglect, and doubt.

This book is intended to help you grow your gratitude, to help thankfulness flourish in your life, and to expand your heart. Each week you’ll find thoughts, questions, and Scripture verses for you to reflect on. You are encouraged to plant your roots deep into the wonder of God’s blessings, the steadfastness of His love, and the truth of His faithfulness.”

Sample Guided Journal Prompt: “Read Romans 8:31–39. Create a list of all the things that can never separate you from God’s love. How does this list lift your spirit?”


Your Turn

Having a plan for growing your faith is a surefire way to get closer to God. Guided journals support you in that endeavor by making sure you never run out of questions to reflect on and insights to glean from your past, present, and future. Have you ever used a guided journal before? We want to hear from you! Share your experience with us!

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