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Big Book of Quizzes

Fun, Quirky Questions for You and Your Friends
Format: Paperback

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Quick Overview:

New to the Faithgirlz! series, The Big Book of Quizzes offers a fun way to look at yourself, your quirks, hobbies, habits, favorites, and more, to learn more about yourself, set goals, and discover ways to become the best you possible.

Welcome to the world of, well, you! The Faithgirlz! Big Book of Quizzes offers more than twenty quizzes delve into school, friends, faith, family, guys, and questions “All-About-You.” Take the quizzes on your own or with friends. Some funny, some thought-provoking, every quiz ends with wide range of answers to help girls think about themselves, get advice on tons of topics, and learn little “who knew?” facts about how they really think and feel—done in a fun format every girl loves.

Girls will love circling questions, asking BFFs for best answers, and LOLing at those “that’s SO me” moments. And, yet, each has a takeaway message that makes the Big Book of Quizzes a super entertaining, relevant, and interactive read for girls ages eight to twelve.

Contributor(s) From the Editors of Faithgirlz!
UPC 025986746049
ISBN-10 0310746043
ISBN-13 9780310746041
Release Date Aug 26, 2014
Weight (lbs) 0.5600
Height 9.00
Width 6.00
Length 128
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zonderkidz
Price $12.99
Series Faithgirlz
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Sarah
Overall Rating
When I was growing up I read certain teen mags that I won’t let my 12 and 10 year old daughters touch let alone read and they had those fun multiple choice quizzes, I said fun not appropriate. Unfortunately there aren’t Christian magazines out there with quizzes like those in them so when I saw the FaithGirlz! Big Book of Quizzes up for review I knew my girls would enjoy doing the quizzes with each other, by themselves and with friends. There are four chapters in this book and they are titled:

All About You
School Stitches and Stuff
Besties, Boys and Other Bafflers
Faith and Family

Each chapter has between six and eight multiple choice quizzes for your daughters to work through and the results at the end simply require them to count how many A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s they got and then the one with the most is the girls’ results. I didn’t think the school section would have much in the way for my girls since they are homeschooled but the quiz on your secret learning style is great for however the girl is being schooled. The one thing my daughter’s and I did not like were the quizzes about boys such as, “are you totally crush crazy?”, “are you ready to date?” and “who’s your perfect guy”, since my girls aren’t exposed to peers who are boy crazy and we chose to let God lead the way as to who is going to be their perfect guy (or not, maybe He’ll lead them to be single and serve Him) these quizzes weren’t that pertinent to us. I also don’t think that girls should be focusing on this type of thing, instead they should focus on their relationships with their family, community, God and friends (not necessarily in that order).

There wasn’t much of a spiritual aspect either, which I was sort of surprised by – since it is a FaithGirlz! publication I was expecting some Scripture or Scriptural connection to what the girls learn about themselves or their friends from the quizzes. Unless I missed it there were no Bible verses or Scriptural connections at all, especially where it was most important – with the guy issue and the Faith section. Even though there is the chapter on Faith and Family I found this to be a book that whether the girl is Christian, Muslim or no religious affiliation could pick this up and relate it to her life and her beliefs. Overall, it’s a fun book and provides a fun look into the lives of my girls and their friends but if I had to recommend it based on Biblical worldview or being overwhelming Christian I could not recommend it – it’s simply a book with fun quizzes.

**I was given a copy of this book from BookLook in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given. (Posted on 9/29/2014)
Review by Dianna
Overall Rating
Do you remember those quizzes you find in magazines? This is the same thing only you can find all the quizzes in one place. They are fun ways for your tween to find out more about herself and her personality. There are a ton of topics and it just might give your tween girl a little more insight on how they really feel about things and maybe open their eyes to why their friends' personalities differ from theirs. It’s a really cute idea and no one gets tired of doing quizzes. I mean really, if your girl is on Facebook you see quizzes all over the place. Only these quizzes are safe and family friendly. You don’t have to worry about weird, worldly advice. It’s all done by the people who brought you the FaithGirlz family of books.

*I received a free copy of the Big Book of Quizzes in exchange for an honest review. (Posted on 9/19/2014)
Review by Kristin
Overall Rating
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
From my daughter: "I thought it (the book) was awesome. It taught me a lot about my personality. It is a funny and awesome book."
As a woman, I am intrigued by quizzes, from what kind of boy you are most attracted to (when I was a teenager) to how country are you? Quizzes just amuse me. I find them to be a way to learn more about yourself that you really didn't think about too much. I love being able to share that with my daughter and introduce her to internal self-exploration. I loved watching her think about the answers and pick which one applies to her most. Some of her answers were pretty surprising!
At the end of each quiz, you count up the number of points assigned to your answers, and there is a short summary given. Each of them have some reference to the Bible or a Bible character in them.
This was my first FaithGirlz book that I have read, and I hope to get my daughter more of them to read. (Posted on 8/27/2014)

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