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A Daring Sacrifice

Format: Paperback

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

In this new historical YA romance novel from author Jody Hedlund, when a young maiden dedicates her life to protecting the mistreated, she finds herself in opposition with a wealthy knight in her cruel uncle’s service—and before long, both are forced to fight their feelings for each other as well.

In a reverse twist on the Robin Hood story, a young medieval maiden stands up for the rights of the mistreated, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. All the while, she fights against her cruel uncle who has taken over the land that is rightfully hers. Forced to live in the woods and hide with the poor people she's grown to love, she works to save and protect them, but she never anticipates falling in love with the wealthy knight who represents all she's come to despise.

Contributor(s) Jody Hedlund
About the Contributor(s) Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund is a best-selling and award-winning author who loves fairy- tales and happily-ever-afters. She makes her home in Midland, MI with her husband and five children. When she's not writing another of her page-turning stories, you can usually find her sipping coffee, eating chocolate, and reading.

UPC 025986749378
ISBN-10 0310749379
ISBN-13 9780310749370
Release Date Mar 1, 2016
Weight (lbs) 0.6500
Height 8.00
Width 5.20
Length 224
Length Unit Pages
Publisher Zondervan
Price $12.99
Format Paperback
Language English

Customer Reviews

Review by Penny
Overall Rating
“A Daring Sacrifice” was sent to me by Zondervan Publishing – free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
“A Daring Sacrifice” is a Christian fiction novel written by Jody Hedlund. The beautiful cover designed by Mike Heath/ Magnus Creative.
The two main characters in “A Daring Sacrifice” are Juliana of Wessex and Collin of Goodrich. Juliana has been evicted from her rightful place as Lady of Wessex by her evil and tortuous uncle and cousin, who tortured and killed her father when she was little. She had been living in the forest with her friends, Bulldog, who promised to keep her safe, his son, Thatch, and the other peasants who had been run off their land. They lived off of what they could kill and steal until…
Of course, you know me, I’m not going to tell you all the juicy parts…You have to read it yourself to find out what happens. Believe me! It will be worth your time!
I recommend this book for young teens on up.
(Posted on 4/14/2016)
Review by Fitzysmom
Overall Rating
I really love a good fairy tale. Such a nice escape from reality. But I have to say that I never really enjoyed the story of Robin Hood. The whole stealing from the rich to give to the poor just went against my ingrained two wrongs don't make a right.

Then along came A Daring Scrifice by Jody Hedlund. It's a retelling of the Robin Hood story with several twists. I couldn't resist reading it because, well . . . Jody Hedlund! I'm so glad that I did. Jody used what I don't like about the original to bring about a tension that would ultimately lead to a crisis of conscious.

The story of Juliana Wessex is one of turning tragedy into triumph. She learns as we all must that our salvation isn't within ourselves, it comes from a higher source. The character of Lord Collin Goodrich is what we all want in a man--daring yet disciplined, loyal and devoted, brave and trustworthy. If his name seems familiar it is because you may have met him in An Uncertain Choice. (By the way, if you haven't read that one . . . treat yourself!) The tension between the two make a wonderful story of yearning for something that is seemingly in contrast to the duties they are bound to.

I would recommend this book for teen girls age thirteen and above. It has scenes of torture (it is set in medieval times) and it has two people falling in love and outward expressions of that. There's absolutely nothing scandalous but you may not want your ten-year-old avid reader consuming it. (That would have been me!) If you're on the fence about it I say read it for yourself. You'll probably love it like I did and that makes a nice treat for the momma!

In the back of the book there is a group of discussion questions. I'm thinking about using it for a mother/daughter read for my book club. Doesn't that sound like fun?!!

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review. (Posted on 4/4/2016)
Review by Sally
Overall Rating
Juliana Wessex was a noblelady by birth but her wicked uncle, Lord Wessex, had her father killed so he could take over his land, Juliana’s rightful inheritance. He thought in the process Juliana had been killed too, but her Bulldog, her trusted friend helped her to escape as her father was dying. She lived as the Cloaked Bandit for 3 years among the poor people, providing basic essentials for them by stealing from the rich. They constantly lived in hunger and fear of being found by Lord Wessex. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the day she robbed Lord Collin Goodrich her identity was found revealed all because of her red hair and life for her and the peasants was never the same.

MS Hedlund is one of my favorite authors. Her books are filled with fairy-tale-like stories that are sure to capture your attention young or old, especially if you are a romantic at heart. This book, A Daunting Sacrifice” is one your young adult will be sure to love since it takes place in the times of kings, knights, lords and ladies. Who can resist a book filled with noble Knights and a lady in distress? With MS Hedlund being the author you can be assured this book is very appropriate for your young adult to read without fear of explicit language. I highly recommend this book.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this Book by the publisher, ZonderKidz, Z Blog Squad for an honest review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.
(Posted on 3/29/2016)
Review by Kristin
Overall Rating
I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I love Jody Hedlund's writing. She takes known fairytales and legends and puts her own spin on them. This book was a spin on the tale of Robin Hood. There is a level of unbelievability in the idea that a woman in close to medival times would have grown up in the woods and been trained in archery to such an extent, then become something akin to Robin Hood to her people. However, if you put aside reality and history for a moment and just immerse yourself in the amazing writing of the author, it is so easy to enjoy this book.

Juliana Wessex is typical of the characters that the author creates: strong, intelligent, strong moral compass that sometimes goes a little wonky when feelings are involved. For those who like a fairytale happy every after, there is one at the end of the book that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. I think in books like these, the happy ever afters are so important and necessary.

Overall, this is yet another great book from Jody Hedlund that you will love to read, especially if you like the story of Robin Hood.
(Posted on 3/26/2016)
Review by Sara
Overall Rating
This book tells the story of Juliana and Lord Collin. This is book 2 in An Uncertain Choice Series.

Juliana is also known as the Cloaked Bandit who steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. Juliana's father had been a Lord until her uncle had him killed and Juliana was forced into hiding so she would not die too. She lived with the poor people in the forest and caves on what was her father's land.

Juliana dresses as a boy so no one knows who she is and she is also a very good archer. When she robs Lord Collin, he realizes that it is a girl and notices her red hair and he figures out that it is Juliana who he had met when they were both younger. Juliana ends up getting hurt so Lord Collin takes her to his estate to recover and he challenges her to stay for a week in hopes that she would leave her thieving ways and become a proper lady once more. When she agrees, she challenges Collin to spend a week in the woods to see how she has been living.

Juliana's uncle finds out that she is still alive and comes and finds her and takes her back to his estate and starts hurting her when he finds out that she is the Cloaked Bandit. Lord Collin and his men manage to rescue her and the men she lived with and he took them back to his land and estate. During this time Juliana and Collin fall in love with each other.

I don't want to give anymore away so go and get a copy for yourself to find out everything that happens. I received a copy of the book from Zondervan and Jody in exchange for an honest review.

Keep up the good work Jody and looking forward to reading more of your books. (Posted on 3/22/2016)
Review by Julia
Overall Rating
Who doesn't love a fairytale? This book will not disappoint! Julianna was born into nobility, living in caves because of her uncle. She is captured when she is out on a thieving excursion so that the peasants she lives with can have something to eat. She has denounced all nobility until she is captured for stealing. She finds herself in the castle, being treated like the lady she is and deserves to be. Bets are made to live as the other one does for a week. During their time together they fall in love. Their love is tested and they realize they truly love each other sacrificing their life for the other. This is an action packed story fighting battles over loyalty, honor and the doing the right thing. (Posted on 3/21/2016)
Review by samantha
Overall Rating
A Daring Sacrifice is the second book in the An Uncertain Choice series, however no worries if you haven't had the chance to read the first book. This young adult title is a stand alone story in itself. While I'm obviously not a young adult, I found this book very hard to put down. Actually, I didn't put it down at all until I completed it.
A Daring Sacrifice started off with a very intense scene which set the tone for the book and made you want to continue reading. This book was an excellent mix of romance and action and kept you wondering what was going to happen between Juliana and Collin.

Would Juliana be able to admit her love for Collin? Would she be able to continue hiding from her uncle that thought she had died several years earlier at the time of the peasant uprising when her father was decimated? You'll have to read the book to find out, but I promise you will not be disappointed.

Also, being that this book is a young adult title, it does offer discussion questions at the back of the book. Once you read the book as an adult, you'll be able to see why these questions are in the back should your young adult read this title. These are questions that are sure to open up a wonderful discussion and topics that should be discussed.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion** (Posted on 3/20/2016)
Review by Jalynn
Overall Rating
Juliana Wessex has hidden behind the identity of the Cloaked Bandit, for many years. And no one has ever known. For three years she has hidden in the woods with many other peasants, hoping that her horrid uncle will never know that she is still alive. Her uncle had her father killed and believed that she had also met the same fate. Juliana must steal from the noble and give to the poor in hopes to help them survive. But one day she makes a mistake and robs Lord Collin Goodrich.

Lord Collin Goodrich has seen many robbers, but none as beautiful as Juliana. Her red hair, showed her true identity the minute he laid eyes on her. He learns that during the years he had been away with the Duke of Rivenshire, Juliana had suffered a great deal. And Collin hopes that maybe just maybe he can make her life better. So he decides to strike a deal with her, she can stay a week at his estate and live like a proper lady. And then he will live for a week in the forest like her. Maybe by weeks end he can show her how much he has changed and that life in nobility isn't truly has bad as it seems.

During their weeks with each other, they learn much about one another. And how somethings never change, no matter what.

A Daring Sacrifice is an awesome book. This book was full of action and adventure from the start. I've read many of Jody Hedlund's books and have found everyone of them very exciting. And this one is just as exciting. I can't wait to see what is going to happen with Sir Bennet!!!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. (Posted on 3/16/2016)
Review by Laura
Overall Rating
A DARING SACRIFICE was a very good book. Juliana when s he was ten, her father was overthrown by her cruel uncle. When she was fifteen her father tried to overthrow her uncle and Juliana has hated any sort of nobleman after that.

This was really a page turner, and I loved the sparks. It's one of the romances where the hero and heroine start out hating each other but then grow into love. I'm putting this book on my keeper shelf. (Posted on 3/11/2016)
Review by Gail
Overall Rating
Whether it's a young adult fiction or an historical adult fiction, Jody Hedlund is a master at weaving an interesting and powerful story that is accurate and fitting for the time period she writes about. A Daring Sacrifice takes place in the year 1390. It is full of knights in shining armor, villager peasants and Lords and Ladies of the manor. The heroine Juliana, reminds me of Robin Hood, she robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Except she is a female that dresses like a man and hides in the woods with the poor peasants. They have been forced from their homes because taxes have been raised to levels that can't possible be paid. She was once Lady Juliana of Wessex until her Uncle and cousin had her father killed and took over the manor. They thought she had been killed along with her father.
The hero, Lord Collin of the neighboring manor, has taken a shine to Juliana and decides he wants to try and help her and her cause. Come along as they combine forces to try and overthrow her uncle. But he is a force to be reckoned with and has a strong army of men to fight his battles against them.
The torture and cruelty of the time period was eye opening. Laws seemed to be made on the spot to suit those in charge. Will their efforts succeed or will they be defeated in their fight to help those that have been wronged and forced to hide in the darkest places in the Forrest and scrounge for their food to keep from starving?
But along with the "blood and guts" was a very sweet romance developing between Collin and Juliana. Their love reminded me of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. He died even for those that he knew didn't love him and that spit on him and tortured him.
I received this book from the author through the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I did not receive any monetary compensation.
(Posted on 3/9/2016)

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