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Windows of the Soul: A Look at Dreams and Their Meanings

Windows of the Soul: A Look at Dreams and Their Meanings

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Have you ever dreamed about.losing something valuable or irreplaceable? Missing an important engagement? Being chased by a nameless, faceless entity? Talking to a deceased loved one? Doing something immoral or totally out of character? Your dreams are probably trying to tell you something.and it may not be what you think. Dr. Paul Meier, and Dr. Robert Wise help you find the clues needed to decipher and discern the hidden meanings of these nightly visitors. Dr. Meier's psychiatric expertise, combined with Dr. Wise's twenty-eight years of ministry experience, offered a unique overview of dream process and the unconscious. Windows of the Soul offers a concrete, proven method for discovering what lies beneath the surface of the nightly phenomenon we call dreams.

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  • Contributor(s)Paul Meier , Robert Wise
  • About the Contributor(s) Robert Wise
    Author of twenty-six published books, Robert L. Wise, Ph.D., also writes for numerous magazines and journals, including Christianity Today, Leadership , and The Christian Herald . He is a bishop in the communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. He collaborated on the national bestselling Millennium series, which includes The Third Millennium, The Fourth Millennium, and Beyond the Millennium, and is the author of Be Not Afraid and Spiritual Abundance .
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  • Publish Date08/25/2010
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