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Tough Topics: 600 Questions That Will Take Your Students Beneath the Surface

Tough Topics: 600 Questions That Will Take Your Students Beneath the Surface

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This collection of provocative discussion questions is guaranteed to get teenagers talking, thinking, and debating. It follows in the footsteps of the best-selling Would You Rather—?, What If—?, and Unfinished Sentences. Each set of questions is followed by thought-provoking ideas, facts, and verses to think about. Adaptable content makes the book an easy-to-use resource for large or small groups—at youth meetings, retreats, small group discussions, mission trips, and more. With its compact size, it’s convenient to carry along wherever you go. Examples of questions include: • Which would be better? To have your prayers answered or to be constantly full of joy? • Which would be worse? To eat what you don’t like or to crave what you can’t have? • Which would be better? Fresh-baked, soft, chewy cookies or a nice thick, juicy steak? • Which would be worse? To have a parachute fail or to ski into a tree?

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  • Contributor(s)Jim Aitkins
  • About the Contributor(s) Jim Aitkins
    Jim Aitkins, freelance author and humorist, speaks for camps, retreats, banquets and other events year-round. His ministry experience includes six years with Young Life and four years as a Junior High Youth Pastor. Jim currently lives in Puyallup, Washington.
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  • Publish Date08/07/2003
  • PublisherZondervan/Youth Specialties
  • Series Quick Questions
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