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The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read: A Personal Challenge to Read the Bible

The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read: A Personal Challenge to Read the Bible

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So what's your excuse for failing to read the MOST important book ever written, the Bible?

  • Don't think you can understand the Bible?
  • No time for Bible reading?
  • No relevancy of the Bible to your life?
  • Questions about the Bible's authenticity?

Although most Americans own a Bible, polls show that few people have read the Bible or even parts of it.  Perhaps what most Americans don't know is that the Bible has life-changing information about how to

  • get right with God
  • know why you are alive today
  • receive God's guidance...daily
  • get through tough times
  • have a successful marriage and family life
  • know what you really believe with confidence
  • manage your money and resources
  • communicate with God
  • build good relationships
  • prepare for the future

Dan Patrick's book is for those with little or no faith in God...for those who attend church but haven't read the Bible...and for serious Bible students. Read it, and then give a copy to a friend.

Additional Information

  • Contributor(s)Dan Patrick
  • About the Contributor(s) Dan Patrick
    Dan Patrick is the current owner of Houston Broadcasting and host of the number-one talk show in Houston, Texas. A veteran of more than thirty years in broadcasting, Dan has worked for television and radio stations in Scranton, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Houston. He has appeared on CBS, ABC, ESPN, MSNBC, and Court TV. He has been married to his wife Jan for twenty-seven years and is the father of two grown children, Ryan and Shane. His number-one goal in life is to serve the Lord in everything he does, spreading the Word of God as Jesus commanded.
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  • Publish Date03/17/2009
  • PublisherThomas Nelson
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