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The Original Memoirs of Charles G. Finney by Garth M. Rosell and Richard Dupuis

The Original Memoirs of Charles G. Finney

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In 1989, the first complete, restored text of revivalist Charles Finney’s memoirs was published by Zondervan. Until then, all editions had reflected editorial liberties introduced in the first 19th-century publication, edited after Finney’s death. The restored text—the culmination of over ten years of research by editors Garth Rosell and Richard Dupuis—brought to light Finney’s entire memoirs in their original language. Longstanding omissions and inaccuracies were corrected. Comprehensive annotations supplied detailed, phrase-by-phrase and even word-by-word explanations. The 1989 edition was a scholar’s and historian’s delight. However, the average reader who simply wants to read what Finney wrote doesn’t need the scholarly minutiae. This new edition provides the complete, restored text of Finney’s memoirs with no unnecessary details to obstruct a straightforward read. In bold, untouched language, Finney’s thoughts march across the page with fascinating clarity and cohesiveness. For students of revival or anyone interested in the life of one of America’s foremost evangelists, here in his own words is Charles Finney: his life, his thoughts, his struggles and accomplishments, and his abiding love for God and enduring commitment to the gospel of Christ.

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  • Contributor(s)Garth M. Rosell , Richard Dupuis
  • About the Contributor(s) Garth M. RosellGarth M. Rosell (MDiv. and ThM. Princeton Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Minnesota) is Senior Research Professor of... Garth M. Rosell

    Garth M. Rosell (MDiv. and ThM. Princeton Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Minnesota) is Senior Research Professor of Church History at Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary and former Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dean of the Seminary, Director of the Ockenga Institute and Chair of the Division of Christian Thought. His books include the Surprising Work of God, Boston’s Historic Park Street Church, The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney (coedited with R.A.G. Dupuis) and Commending the Faith: The Preaching of D.L. Moody.

    Richard Dupuis
    Richard A. G. Dupuis (M.A., Cambridge University) wasa psychotherapist in Farnham, Surrey, England. His research over four decades made him an expert on Finney and the early history of Oberlin College.
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  • Publish Date10/10/2002
  • PublisherZondervan
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