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She's Twelve Going on Twenty

She's Twelve Going on Twenty

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As the mother of a young girl aged 9-16, you want a lot for your daughter. You want to see her soar in self-confidence and accomplishment. You want to help her steer a safe course through the often-treacherous waters of school, culture, and hormones. You want her to grow closer to God and learn to rely on His word. Through it all, you yearn to maintain a warm, open mother-daughter relationship.

No, it's not easy-but She's Twelve Going on Twenty can help! It's a comprehensive, Christian approach to issues almost every mother and daughter will encounter, such as:

  • Identity and faith ("Who am I?" "What do I believe?")
  • Family and friends (conflict, competition, and connection)
  • Music, movies, TV and the net (what to allow, how to make good judgements)
  • Boys and falling in love)
  • Sex and purity)
  • Integrity issues (lying and cheating))
  • School and grades)
  • Diet and exercise (including eating disorders))
  • Drugs and alcohol)
  • Clothes, fads, appearance, and body language)
  • Boundaries and personal safety)

Easy-to-read and deeply personal, this invaluable book draws on a wealth of practical experience, careful research, and a deep grounding in the Christian faith and the Bible. The practically oriented "Working It Out Together" sections at the end of each chapter offer simple communication starters and activities to help you and your daughter talk things out and plot a positive course together for the challenging but exciting adolescent years.

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  • Contributor(s)Kim Camp
  • About the Contributor(s) Kim CampKim Camp is the host and producer of the Lifersize video series for expectant and new mothers and the... Kim Camp
    Kim Camp is the host and producer of the Lifersize video series for expectant and new mothers and the author of the book Fit to Be Mom . Long active in a number of charitable organizations, Kim maintains a special interest in the needs of preteen and teenaged girls. Currently she is on the board of Touchstone Youth Services, active in the Mother Daughter Service Circle, and focused on raising her own teenagers, serving together with them in their community.
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  • Publish Date03/21/2000
  • PublisherThomas Nelson
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