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Read My Thoughts: Finding GOD in my everyday by Dottie Levin Wolfe

Read My Thoughts: Finding GOD in my everyday

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 Read My Thoughts is a collection of feelings, thoughts, and insights that I have experienced from day to day. They are made up of ordinary things in life. For the most part they are thoughts and/or insights that come when I'm least expecting them. They often shape my opinions and attitudes in a significant way. Therefore, I write them down so I will not forget them. A few of them have inspired actual life changes.


It is like thinking on paper. If anyone wished to get inside my head to see what makes me “tick” the easiest way would probably be to “Read My Thoughts.”  Many times when I'd read an article to someone or a group they would say, “You really need to do something with your writing.”  This book is a response to that encouragement.

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  • Contributor(s)Dottie Levin Wolfe
  • ISBN-139781595558961
  • Publish Date10/23/2018
  • Format Softcover
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