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Loving Your Spouse Through Prayer: How to Pray God's Word Into Your Marriage

Loving Your Spouse Through Prayer: How to Pray God's Word Into Your Marriage

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Praying together as a couple, and praying for your mate, is the mortar in a marriage-a way for a couple to turn toward each other rather than away from each other. It also invites God's love into the relationship. To help put feet to readers' prayers and guide them to a better relationship with God and each other, this book packs poignant true stories, actual prayers, inspirational quotes and creative, doable marriage-building ideas into 12 chapters. Whether someone is seeking a better marriage when it's already good, or wanting to improve and stay positive in a struggling marriage, Cheri Fuller offers hope and motivation so that couples will make the most of one of the best gifts God ever gave them: prayer.

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  • Contributor(s)Cheri Fuller
  • About the Contributor(s) Cheri Fuller
    Cheri Fuller is an award-winning author and speaker. A mother of three grown children and an educator, she has written numerous books including When Mothers Pray, Helping Your Child Succeed in Public School, and Opening Your Child’s Nine Learning Windows (formerly titled Through the Learning Glass). She lives in Oklahoma with her husband. Her website is
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