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Genesis Financial Workbook by Chad Durniak

Genesis Financial Workbook

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Anyone, regardless of how little their resources, can learn how to manage their finances properly when they are given a fresh start to build on the right foundation. The Genesis Financial Workbook does just that by providing the basics of God’s truth on money coupled with a simple financial plan that is easy to follow. Perfect for those brand new to managing their money or those facing severe financial challenges, The Genesis Financial Workbook is a great tool to help put Christ at the center of your finances. Over a period of ten weeks, you will work through the Workbook’s three sections, each of which will challenge you to grow spiritually and financially. They include: 1. Me, Myself and God’s Money: Here, you will work through the first three chapters of the workbook learning foundational spiritual concepts that affect our understanding of God and money, our overall financial condition and how we make financial decisions. 2. Steps to Financial Stability: Along with your Financial Coach, the Steps to Financial Stability will walk you through a slow and steady process towards building a simple and easy to use financial plan that honors God 3. The Road Ahead: The Road Ahead gives practical financial wisdom that will set you up for financial success in the near and long term. The Genesis Financial Workbook is the heart of our biblically based financial counseling process. But our hope is that no Christian faces their financial challenges alone. That is why the Genesis Financial Workbook is most effective when it is accompanied by a Financial Coach using the Genesis Financial Coaches Manual. Financial Coaches meet with you weekly as they go through each chapter teaching, encouraging, answering your financial questions and praying for you. For more information on Financial Coaches and the Genesis Financial Coaches Manual, please visit The powerful combination of the Genesis Financial Workbook and a Financial Coach will help you overcome your financial challenges giving you a fresh start with your finances. The workbook is packed full of strategies, tips, activities and real world financial advice making it a perfect place to begin your financial journey with God.

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  • Contributor(s)Chad Durniak
  • ISBN-139781595541222
  • Publish Date09/25/2018
  • Format Softcover
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