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And the Day Came by Lynnette Simm

And the Day Came

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And the Day Came is one woman’s story of overcoming abuse and abandonment through therapy and allowing God to take control of her life.

When she was young girl Lynnette Simm was abandoned and abused. As an adult, she begins therapy to deal with her struggles, and she lets God take control. She learns to heal, rebuild relationships, and proves that nothing is unforgivable. There is more to life than just surviving abuse. Healing is possible with the Lord. Life abundantly is waiting for all. 

" wasn't until she embraced Jesus Christ did she feel worthy of being loved, and her true healing became embedded in her soul." Linda Heyes, MS, MFT  "...this story is a tribute to not only individual resiliency, but shines a light on how we need each other to navigate the waters of recovery. ...we can find firm footing in the tangible and intangible resources found only through loving relationships." Kimberly Fielding, EdD, LCSW  "It takes divine courage to find the depth of honesty it takes to write a book such as this one. Lynnette’s story allows you to walk with her through her journey as painful secrets hidden in the shadows are exposed to the light of Christ. My hope is that her words will lead you to the hope and healing she has found." K.D. Thacker, Lead Pastor

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  • Contributor(s)Lynnette Simm
  • About the Contributor(s) Lynnette SimmDr. Lynnette Simm holds degrees in Psychology (BA), Education (MA), and Education (Ed.D). She is certified in Adult Learning,... Lynnette Simm

    Dr. Lynnette Simm holds degrees in Psychology (BA), Education (MA), and Education (Ed.D). She is certified in Adult Learning, Training, and Development, and has worked in early childhood development and as a college professor since 2006. She lives in Texas with her husband of 20 years. They have two daughters.

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  • ISBN-139781512752151
  • Publish Date12/27/2016
  • PublisherWestbow Press
  • Format Softcover
  • LanguageEnglish
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