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A Story of Joy

A Story of Joy

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Jan is a woman of faith who has a desperate longing for another child. She is married to a terrific guy who is a good husband and a great dad to their two young boys, but he is content with their family just as it is and has no desire for another child. As Jan struggles with this dilemma, she surrenders her desire to God and sees him work in mighty ways. When the desire of her heart is finally met with a precious daughter, Jan and her husband name her Joy as a tribute to God’s glory. They loved her wholeheartedly, but they were unprepared for the difficult path that lay before them. Their daughter was born with multiple medical issues. She had jaundice, ear and sinus infections that didn’t respond to antibiotics, and significant breathing difficulties all within the first month of life. As the story unfolds and more medical complications are discovered, this family struggles to meet one challenge after another. Jan’s faith is challenged again and again as she desperately tries to meet her daughter’s needs for the best medical care and fulfill her obligations as a wife and mother to her other two children. In the midst of turmoil, Jan learns how to rely on God for the strength and wisdom she needs to make difficult decisions and juggle responsibilities. Her honest account of her personal struggles to hang on to God’s promises as the world around her shifts and crumbles allows the reader to see how God can use our circumstances to stretch us, mold us, and create something beautiful out of the chaos.

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  • Contributor(s)Janis Lipinski
  • About the Contributor(s) Janis LipinskiJanis Lipinski is a Bible teacher, author, and speaker. She recently retired from her career as a geriatric care... Janis Lipinski

    Janis Lipinski is a Bible teacher, author, and speaker. She recently retired from her career as a geriatric care consultant, a career that was born out of her desire to help others who were struggling to find the best care for their loved ones. Janis lives with her husband Denny in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their children are grown, and they have three lovely grandchildren. 

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  • Publish Date12/31/2018
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